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Layla Ilchi heads to Manhattan’s newest mall, the Westfield World trade Center in Lower Manhattan, to see who’s buying what and why.

Shoppers: Maureen and Alicia Boyle

Date/time: 9/16/16 at 3:13 p.m.

Store: Kiko Cosmetics

Mission: Replace eyebrow pencil

After misplacing her eyebrow pencil, Alicia Boyle brought her mom, Maureen, into Kiko Cosmetics for a replacement. Once inside, they couldn’t resist browsing the store’s massive sale. “We picked up two [eyebrow pencils] and nail polish, too,” said Maureen. “Instead of buying one we ended up buying six!” The duo, visiting from London, said Kiko is one of their favorite makeup brands, along with Chanel, Lancôme and Boots. Alicia, a high school student, has amassed an impressive collection of products. Maureen sticks to a minimal routine (L’Oréal moisturizer, blush and concealer) but doesn’t shy away from the new if she likes it. “You might have 20 lipsticks,” she said. “But when you see something you like, you need it!”


1. Nail Lacquer, $1.90 each (Reg. $3.90 each)

The family picked up six shades of this nail polish because they were on sale.

2. Precision Eyebrow Pencil in Dark Chestnut, $4.90 each

“My sister brought me in here for my birthday and bought me one,” Alicia said, on getting hooked on this pencil. She bought two.

3. Smart Lipstick in Orange Red, $3.90 (Reg. $7)

“[The shade] is a bit brighter than I usually wear, but I like the color,” Maureen said.

4. Unmeasurable Length Mascara, $5.90

A sales associate recommended this to Alicia, who wanted added volume.

TOTAL (after tax, sales and promotion): $27.87


Shopper: Carol Needelman

Date/Time: 8/31/16 at 4:23 p.m. 

Store: Rituals

Mission: Mother-daughter shopping trip

Carol Needelman had no intention of buying a new body-care regimen on a recent Wednesday afternoon; she just wanted to spend the day with her daughters. “My husband works here, so we decided to come in for the day before the girls go back to school,” she said. While walking down the mall’s pristine white hallways, the Long Island stay-at-home mom and her two daughters were lured into rituals by a friendly salesperson, who encouraged them to test out products in the store’s stone sink. While Needelman typically uses drugstore brands and Bath and Body Works, she was excited to use rituals based on her experience in the store. “I’m hands-on,” she said. “I like to go [to the store] and feel the texture and see if it’s thick or too watery.”


1. Happy Buddha Foaming Shower Gel, Gift with purchase (Reg. $15)

The family tried out this shower gel in store and received a sample of it with their purchase.

2. Chakra Water Bed & Body Mist, $25

“It’s nice having a clean-smelling bedroom,” she said on why she bought the mist.

3. Yogi Flow Foaming Shower Gel, $15

“I like that a little bit goes a long way and it doesn’t feel like it’s drying out your skin,” she said.

4. Shanti Chakra Body Oil, $19

Needelman needed to replenish her body oil and picked up this rose and almond oil version.

5. Himalaya Scrub Body Scrub, $29

“I like to exfoliate every couple of days,” said Needelman.

6. Oriental Essence Collection for Men Gift Set Travel Parfum, Gift with purchase (Reg. $40)

“I got the little colognes for my husband,” she said. “he likes the little stuff, too.”


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