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The top Amazon sellers — and resellers — might as well be e-commerce royalty, as Amazon is estimated by sources to have more than 5 million registered sellers worldwide and to assume nearly half, or 49.1 percent, of the U.S. e-commerce market, according to eMarketer. Imagine cracking the top 1,000? The top 100? The top 10?

One brand cracking the top 10 is Florida-based Amazon reseller, reCommerce. As of this publishing, it is the ninth largest Amazon reseller in the U.S. The company acts as a strategic partner by purchasing products outright from brands, and providing a host of agency services at no charge. They specialize in the health, wellness and beauty categories.

Before they were business partners, reCommerce cofounders Taylor Hamilton, chief executive officer, and Jesse Tomalty, president, were best friends.

Founded in 2013, in the past four years, they have built the business into one of the most all-encompassing “tech-enabled Amazon Brand agencies,” with current annualized revenue of $100 million, without any outside investment. And the name? It comes from a combination of resale and e-commerce. (As a relatively new industry concept, the term “re-commerce,” is sometimes hyphenated as re-commerce, assuming a slightly different meaning.)

Without outside investment and without severing friendship — or business ties, Hamilton said, “We’ve never lost a single partner that we’ve worked with,” in an interview with WWD.

At reCommerce, the company’s rapid growth is attributed to the use of data and proprietary technology to round out a full-service agency for brands that “hope to optimize their presence on Amazon.” Acting as partners with global brands, reCommerce aims to help grow their sales and maintain their brand equity on Amazon.

The process begins and ends with data. When vetting a potential partner, the team begins with data and research to assess positioning on Amazon’s vast and competitive marketplace, cleaning up the product catalogue, onboarding the brand and managing everything from: front-end product listing, pictures and keyword optimization to back-end logistics and fulfillment — including the entire returns process.

Unique to the health, wellness and beauty categories, products adhere to strict packaging needs and require extra care in being in temperature-controlled environments. ReCommerce manages this all without fees.

But an important outlier of reCommerce is the ability to optimize ads on Amazon through working closely with Amazon.

Speaking on the advantages in ads, “We work directly with the Amazon advertising department” which “allows us to curate unique and effective advertising strategies for our partners,” Tomalty said.

“Wherever consumers are buying your product, it’s important to ensure they have the best customer experience possible,” reiterated Hamilton.