A look from Whoopi Goldberg’s holiday sweater line for Zappos.com.

Whoopi Goldberg’s holiday sweaters, which started selling exclusively on Zappos.com last week, have gotten off to a good start.

“I think they’re doing well. I know people seem to like them and I think people are really glad there are lots of sizes that people can wear, which we didn’t quite have down last year,” said Goldberg, the actress, comedian and host of “The View.”

The holiday sweater line, which launched last year at Lord & Taylor and Hudson’s Bay, has since moved exclusively to Zappos.com.

Asked what she learned from her first experience that she’s applied to Zappos.com, Goldberg said, “What I’ve done more is I’ve allowed it to have a little more fun and I spoke up and said that the sizes needed to be bigger.  As nice as they were for Lord & Taylor, the sizing was very small. So I couldn’t wear them.” She said she learned that these sweaters need to be big. “You want to slouch in them, and that’s part of the reason I love going with Zappos. I buy stuff from them, and I like what they have on their site, and it’s reasonably priced.”

Zappos.com is offering 12 different unisex styles from small to 2XL. Made of a tri-blend lightweight knit with a touch of silk, the sweaters have a slightly boxy fit that can be worn both by women and men. There are pullovers and cardigans which are designed in New York and manufactured in China. All the sweaters retail for $89. Last year, the sweaters retailed for $139 (U.S.) at Lord & Taylor and $179 (Canadian) at Hudson’s Bay.

Addressing the lower prices, Kristin Richmer, senior marketing manager at Zappos.com, said, “We worked really hard.” She said they hoped to be able to get them in the hands of more consumers this year.

A look from Whoopi GoldbergÕs holiday sweater line for Zappos.com.

A look from Whoopi Goldberg’s holiday sweater line for Zappos.com.  Courtesy Photo

Goldberg agreed that although the prices came down, they didn’t lose any quality. “It’s really, really, really close,” she said.

“We’re really happy with the results so far,” said Richmer.  She said the holiday sweaters relate to Zappos’ point of view.  “We felt the fun, whimsical designs were very much in line with our brand vision. It is a super fun way to kick off the holiday season.” The sweaters started selling on Zappos.com on Nov. 1 and will be on the site through the holiday season. Some of the designs are similar to last year, such as the Octopus, with features an octopus menorah, “because people loved it,” said Goldberg. But she brought it back in a different color. Last year, she offered Kissing Santas, and this year she designed the Kissing Mrs. Santas. Other designs are Separated at Birth, Family Santa, Mr./Mrs., Farting Gingerbread Men, Baby Santa World, Ice Skating Tree and Booty Shakin’. Goldberg said her favorite design is Baby Black Santa.

Goldberg said she hasn’t started wearing the holiday sweaters on “The View,” but will probably start wearing them for 10 days straight right before Thanksgiving.

Goldberg said she’s been talking to Zappos about doing additional categories. “I’d like to do some socks and underwear and shirts, all the things that I wear.” But first she has to make sure that Zappos is happy with the sweater sell-throughs. “We’ll see if Zappos is happy with what we’re able to do. If we sell out and it looks like people actually want our stuff,”  said Goldberg.

“There are lot of things in the world to be unhappy about. And the holidays are not one of them. I just want to bring adults some silliness and some fun, and hopefully whatever holiday you celebrate, I have a sweater for you,” said Goldberg.

Meantime, her granddaughters are working on several fashion projects as well. One granddaughter is creating shirts with paintings on the back and another is making jumpsuits that you lounge in. “It’s kind of exciting. Sometime you find your dynasty where it makes itself known. They’re not actors. We’re not going to have an acting dynasty. But, they all love clothing and they’re all really smart and they’re all stylish.”


A look from Whoopi Goldberg’s holiday sweater line for Zappos.com.

A look from Whoopi Goldberg’s holiday sweater line for Zappos.com.  Courtesy Photo


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