A new QVC set, designed for intimacy.

QVC is re-branding, in a strategy recognizing the growing popularity of its digital platforms and the company’s “mobile-first, social-first” approach to video shopping.

Among the key elements of the strategy: a redesigned web site, redesigned studios, improved photography and a new app for iPhones. There’s also an updated logo — a square with a stylized letter Q inside, for a mobile-friendly format and color scheme.

Executives at the West Chester Pa.-based QVC, a division of the Qurate Retail Group, said the intent with the re-branding is to provide a more “immersive, engaging, video-based shopping experience.”

“More than 80 percent of new customers are coming to QVC US via our digital platforms,” said Mary Campbell, who holds the dual title of chief merchandising officer, Qurate Retail Group, and chief commerce officer for QVC US.

QVC’s new logo. 

QVC also decided to make changes based on research showing that customers, typically, are quick to adopt new technologies and that they love video storytelling to discover items and ideas.

“The main piece of this re-branding is how we show up in digital spaces,” Susan Ripke, vice president of global brand strategy at Qurate, told WWD. Aside from the new logo, she said, “Our photography has changed. We’re showing the products closer up. Our sets are more intimate, smaller and more mobile-friendly. We are really paying attention to the customers’ experience in the mobile platform and how we show up on Facebook, on Instagram and on our site.”

Ripke said photographers are shooting products closer in, “almost as if you’re a guest sitting at the table and having a conversation with our host. It’s a matter of creating a new feel and tone to the brand, and inviting customers in more.”

“This is a huge undertaking,” said Ripke. “We’ve been working on this for five months,” with 26 “impact” teams at the company involved in the re-branding, she added. “QVC hasn’t been re-branded in eight years. Great brands are always refreshing and reiterating. We are reinventing ourselves for wherever our customer is now.”

According to QVC figures through the nine months ended Sept. 30, 2018, more than 80 percent of its customers come to QVC US via its digital platforms and about 60 percent of QVC US sales are e-commerce sales, two-thirds of which happen on mobile devices. QVC posted $8.8 billion in sales for 2017.

Though the transactions are mostly online, TV remains QVC’s most popular media for engaging in content, Ripke said. QVC is viewed by 370 million homes worldwide. “Viewership still remains strong,” said Ripke. As part of the re-branding, QVC on TV is getting updated with new graphics, improved sound and introductions.

The 35-to-65 age group is QVC’s primary demographic, said Ripke. “It isn’t changing. We have a really loyal and invested customer base. A lot of our new customers are very sticky to the brand.”

QVC officials described its latest photography as “thumb-stopping, intimate and candid, with rich details and organic patterns. Videos are shot in a casual, unfiltered manner, with close-ups, movement, through-shots and surprising angles. New studios bring viewers into trendy urban spaces, along with suburban settings. Music and copy are playful and spirited. These changes have already gone into effect for new content across QVC’s platforms.”

QVC’s new app, Q Anytime, complements the flagship app with “an expanded, ever-changing feed of shoppable videos” in five-to-eight-minute segments, available on demand. By tapping a video, customers can buy a product or get more details on the product. Customers can also customize their feed by category, such as home or jewelry, or build a playlist by liking videos.

The app, QVC said, has a library of live and on-demand video content. New videos are added every two hours. Over time, QVC plans to offer original content, episodic series, and other extras on the Q Anytime app, all tailored for the mobile audience.

QVC’s new brand identity launches today in the U.S. and in international markets later this year. Qurate Retail includes QVC, HSN, Zulily and the Cornerstone brands.

The new QVC app. 

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