The Yoox Net-a-porter Group has partnered with the Bologna Business School to create the first European Center for Digital-Business Education, to be unveiled today.

The two partners will collaborate with Boston Consulting Group, Google, GroupM, IBM and WPP.

The goal of the new center is to train professional Web analysts, Web marketing specialists, big data specialists, e-commerce managers, online store managers and site managers.

“I am sure that the digital talents that will come out of this school of the future cofounded by YNAP and BBS will have brilliant career paths,” said YNAP chief executive officer Federico Marchetti. “Schooling is an act of social responsibility for YNAP towards the territory where we have been operating since 2000 and towards our country, which has given us a great competitive advantage to become the leader in luxury e-commerce in the world.” The Yoox Group was founded just outside Bologna, Italy.

YNAP pointed to a Michael Page study for 2014/2015, which states that digital professions in Italy have grown 20 to 27 percent year-on-year.

Massimo Bergami, dean of the Bologna Business School, said the project plans to “realize something that still does not exist: a center based on research and managerial knowledge; to apply this concept to the world of digital, a sector that is still new and continuously changing, represents a challenge for all partners, a way to offer professional opportunities and a way to contribute to society.”

Executive Master in E-Business, kicking off in July and a Master full-time in digital sales, starting in December, are among the courses at the center. Enrollment will begin in April.