Yoox.com is shifting into holiday mode, starting with some tweaks to enhance the shopping experience site-wide and a new gift-giving initiative.

Luca Martines, president of yoox.com, said the fine-tuning consists of new “like” and “refresh” buttons. The first, which will present users with a selection items similar to what they’re already looking at, grew out of a desire to optimize search options given the size of the product selection. As for “refresh,” this function tries to mimic the guidance typically provided by sales associates, showing customers an entirely new selection from the site’s  catalog.

“By clicking on these buttons, customers are actively engaging with the site as opposed to passively browsing,” Martines said. “And in return, the site is sourcing more of what they like and less of what they don’t — a meaningful interaction we anticipate will help drive conversion.”

The gifts, which are exclusive to the site, range from $87 for a Steiff teddy bear to $1,059 for an ornate Vickisarge costume jewelry necklace. A Missoni Home travel set comes in the brand’s signature chevron printed case and retails for $410; a “Flora of Fornasetti” candle by Fornasetti for $175; an activewear capsule collection from No Ka’Oi for $1,447 (each piece is sold separately, too), and 150 original Vanessa Beecroft Polaroids (numbered and signed) that retail for $585 each.

Martines said the site has been creating exclusive product since 2000, and production varies from very limited — such as the case with Beecroft’s photographs — to higher volumes of gifts like the teddy bear or a candle.

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