Zady is now offering international shipping through a partnership with Borderfree.

The new partnership will allow the apparel firm to ship worldwide to 220 countries and territories and in more than 74 currencies. Borderfree fulfills the orders on the back end, handling local currency conversions and shipping details, including the requisite customs requirements and even processes returns.

Soraya Darabi, who cofounded the fashion brand with Maxine Bédat in August 2013, said the company “has never spent a cent of its marketing dollars overseas,” yet consumers in many of the international markets are aware of the fashion brand. She noted that 20 percent of the brand’s customers are from Canada, France, Japan and the U.K.

Part of the reason for overseas awareness could be because Zady has taken a stand in the industry pushing for supply chain transparency. At the core of its business model is the disclosure of the supply chain for all products on the site, with details and information about the sourcing partners. Further, a requirement for its “Sourced in the U.S.A.” mandate is that any product on the site have all components from the U.S.

The company also started a “We the People” petition housed on the White House Web site, which is tagged as a petition to the Obama Administration to establish a “Sourced In” tag for apparel brands sold in the U.S. to disclose the origins of the full product-supply chain.

In addition to selling products from other firms, Zady sells a private label line on the site called The Essentials Collection. Individual pieces are rolled out occasionally. According to Darabi, the company is expanding its private label program and will be showing a collection of items in September.