LONDON — Zara and its parent company Inditex have committed to eliminating all releases of hazardous chemicals such as formaldehyde, arylamines, phenols, cadmium, lead, chromium (VI), nickel and allergenic dyes, throughout their entire supply chain and products by January 2020.

Following pressure from a Greenpeace report released earlier this month, Inditex said, “Inditex is committed to zero discharges of all hazardous chemicals from the whole lifecycle and all production procedures that are associated with the making and using of all products Inditex sells by Jan. 1, 2020.”

The company also pledged “to support systemic (i.e. wider societal and policy) change to achieve zero discharge of hazardous chemicals (associated with supply chain and the lifecycles of products) within one generation or less.”

As part of its environmental initiative, Inditex will ask 20 suppliers to disclose pollution data by the end of March 2013, and at least a further 100 suppliers by the end of next year.

“People have the right to know what their rivers are polluted with and what hazardous chemicals are in their clothing. Zara’s commitment to act more transparently is a milestone in the way clothing is manufactured and will be key to forcing brands to follow through on achieving zero discharge of hazardous chemicals by 2020,” said Yifang Li, senior toxics campaigner at Greenpeace East Asia, in a statement.

Further, Inditex promised to work with other apparel companies, material suppliers, the broader chemical industry and NGOs among others to meet the 2020 deadline.