Zulily Apple Pay Rollout

Zulily Inc. customers now have one more card in their mobile wallet.

The online deals site said today it’s officially launching Apple Pay, which could be used by customers making a purchase on Zulily through an iOS device.

More than half — or 56 percent — of the company’s transactions now come from mobile sources, with about 30 percent of that group coming from an iOS app.

“The primary point of launching Apple Pay is for customers…the experience is a lot more seamless and so it really is very core to how we work, which is mom-first,” said Zulily vice president of store Mona Akmal.

The “mom” is Zulily’s customer, although, as Akmal pointed out, the transactions from her really span the gamut because that customer is buying for not just herself.

Akmal started at the company about four months ago from the nonprofit Code.org and has also worked at Amazon and Microsoft. She joined just months ahead of Zulily’s announcement this month that QVC parent Liberty Interactive Corp. would acquire it for some $2.4 billion.

Akmal added that the Apple Pay capability could very well increase use of not just the Zulily app but also transactions via that channel.

“We just started doing some work on our mobile Web experience to push out app usage by providing special discounts if you shop through the app experience because what we’re seeing is that people who use the app are just much more engaged with the site,” Akmal said. “They come back more often. They spend more time. They buy more.”

While the current focus is on iOS development, the company’s not ignoring other payment options such as Android Pay and Samsung Pay.

“Our ultimate loyalty is to our customer, wherever she happens to be and right now we have a much bigger focus on iOS,” Akmal said. “We’re doubling down on Android as well.”

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