Zulily QVC

About 100 episodes in and Zulily’s nabbed enough successes on Facebook Live to know the channel’s got something to offer the retailer when it comes to engagement and selling.

The company, owned by QVC parent Liberty Interactive, on Monday launches a five-day Facebook Live series of shoppable styling segments that pulls in influencers and buyers, along with Zulily employees as models to talk fall style.

It’s the latest maneuver for the company after toying with the social media site’s live-streaming across episodes and different product types to learn from successes and then iterating, said Zulily vice president of brand, TV and online video marketing Naama Bloom.

“We just hit our 100th Facebook Live episode and I like to think of those first 100 as a pilot program where we tried a bunch of different things,” Bloom said. “Quite honestly, it was a really scrappy team. We pulled it together and we saw some interesting successes.”

The company made the leap last week from shooting on phones to a move to higher-quality studio equipment so that it would be prepared for what it’s calling its “Fall for You” fashion campaign this week.

“It’s a completely different level of viewing experience,” Bloom said the new equipment helps bring.

The executive went on to say that even though Facebook Live viewers are watching the segments on their phone, the production quality still needs to look good.

“We’re very much a mobile first company and we’re leaning heavily into video,” Bloom said. “The video quality [in the past] was not great, but [the customer’s] gotten more sophisticated in her expectations even on her phone, especially for a company on the scale of Zulily. It really needs to be at a high quality.”

The “Fall for You” campaign will offer segments for each day of the week, each lasting around 15 to 20 minutes. Themes include styling with budget-friendly items and fall prints. Looks will be modeled by Zulily employees in a bid to show a range of body types.

“People really do watch a segment and it helps them make a decision, and they do it with a little bit more confidence,” Bloom said of what Facebook Live has to offer.

The segments have helped the retailer speak to its existing audience on a platform used by its more than five million fans on Facebook, while also extending its reach when those same customers then tag their friends, Bloom said.

This week’s campaign will be tied in with various sales events on the Zulily site along with still images.

“This is very much led by Facebook Live, but it’s a fully integrated campaign,” Bloom said. “We’re not looking at Facebook Live as a channel in and of itself.”

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