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Executives From Amazon, Meta and Google to Headline Tech Forum

The event will spotlight the latest in thought leadership, case studies and best practices.

Tag Heuer Adds Cryptocurrency Payment to U.S. E-commerce

The luxury watchmaker accepts 12 cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin and Ethereum through specialized payment…

Mercedes-Benz Joins Aura Blockchain Consortium as Fifth Founding Member

The luxury carmaker is the first member outside the fashion sector and is looking to introduce digital art in…

EXCLUSIVE: LuisaViaRoma’s Andrea Panconesi Launches NFT Marketplace

The entrepreneur is introducing Wear3, a blockchain-powered, democratic marketplace through his Avawear…

Esmod Paris to Add Digital Fashion Course

The Meta-Wear course starting in September 2022 will add digital creation to the school's fashion courses.

Volumental Bolsters C-suite as Part of Growth Strategy

Patrik Brakenhielm was named CFO.

10 Questions With Mishi McDuff: Leading a Metaverse Fashion Brand, Collaborations and What Fashion Still Doesn’t Get About Virtual Clothing

The virtual fashion brand CEO on what fashion still needs to grasp about metaverse fashion, and who may be…

Panasonic Eyes IPO for Supply Chain Business

If offered in Japan, the IPO could see the largest market capitalization since 2018.

Nexite’s Recent Funding Round Brings Total to $100 Million

Pitango Growth and Saban Ventures led the latest round of funding.

Shopify Rolls Out Audiences Tool to Drive New Business 

In Shopify's machine learning-driven feature, merchants may find new customers, but Shopify may find even…

Instagram’s NFT Bid Begins in Earnest Now

Instagram support for digital collectibles gets underway, with limited tests launching this week. That's just…

Lifestyle Site Collagerie Sees Shopping Through a Fashion Editor Lens

Cofounder Lucinda Chambers believes that people spend money when they're inspired, and that Collagerie offers…

Metaverse, Traceability, Sustainable Business Practices Discussed During the 2022 Edition of e-P Summit

During e-P Summit 2022, held on May 4 in Florence, fashion brands talked metaverse, NFTs and sustainable…

EXCLUSIVE: Paris Hilton’s New Metaverse Move Puts Avatars in Motion

The star invests in animation app Immi and shows off what it can do, with a Bored Ape NFT that moves along…

A Personal Look at RevCascade’s ‘Project Impossible’

The global pandemic took a toll on the business and personal lives of the company's cofounders.