Mobile Shopping

Adobe has revealed updates to its artificial intelligence and machine-learning platform, Adobe Sensei. The upgrades are an answer to consumers’ increasing need and interest in personalized shopping experiences across platforms.

“Picture this — as a consumer progresses through the shopping journey from awareness and discovery to conversion, the experience is personalized and adapted based on her preferences, and real-time context,” said Michael Klein, director of industry strategy, retail at Adobe. “Using Fluid Experiences, which integrates Adobe Sensei personalization features, the scenario delivers a frictionless shopper journey that engages with consumers on their terms, in the channel of their choice.”

As part of the newly enhanced software, customers have the option to release customized content across channels. “By combining Experience Manager’s ability to deliver content across channels with Adobe Target for personalization and testing, retailers can easily test and personalize content at scale. This new capability — Fluid Personalization — removes the bottleneck to personalization at scale by leveraging Adobe Sensei technology to automatically deliver and optimize the experience based on situational context,” said a company spokesman.

What’s more, images will automatically be resized to fit the necessary pixilation demands for a span of devices — a necessity to the thriving mobile shopper. “Focused on mobile platforms, Smart Imaging dramatically reduces page size and ensures fast-loading, high-quality experiences regardless of bandwidth. This increases the engagement, conversion and satisfaction of shoppers,” a company spokesman said. The feature aims to enforce consistent engagement throughout the daily activities of a standard consumer.

As services such as Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa and Echo continue to mature in the adoption phases of consumers, tracking and collecting data for voice-activation assistants will grow in correlating importance. This is where the updates to Adobe’s Analytics Cloud will be most relevant — its software will have the ability to automate voice data from all major platforms.

Millennials and Gen Zers continue to shift social preferences to user-generated content — Adobe’s Experience Manager Livefyre facilitates brands to incorporate social content on owned channels. This will serve as a serviceable asset as the interest for authentic and peer-curated content increases.

Current retailers that harness Adobe’s Experience Cloud include Adidas, Dior and Sephora, among others.

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