StoreAdvise and Adore Me partner to enhance the fitting room experience.

Digital native lingerie brand Adore Me makes the fitting room experience more intimate with StoreAdvise, the retail technology platform from StoreAdvise envisioning “autonomous retailing.”

Combining Internet of Things, radio frequency identification and smart fitting-room digital displays, the system allows the Adore Me customer convenience, privacy and enhanced interaction in the fitting room. And more, it can warrant high value for the retailer — with $1.4 million in savings, according to StoreAdvise data.

As demonstrated at the NRF Big Show this week, the Adore Me customer can place an item, embedded with a radio frequency identification tag, on the hook in her fitting room to activate the fitting-room display screen. It will indicate the item chosen in full detail — revealing a product image, as well as size run and colors available.

From there, the customer is given the ability to request new sizes and interact comfortably with the stylist or store associate in real-time — all without peeling back a curtain.

In an interview with WWD, Keith Sherry, chief executive officer of StoreAdvise, said the technology helps to collect and visualize the customer and retail journey revealing, “what goes into the fitting room, what goes out” and most importantly “what goes to the checkout.”

Sherry further outlined the benefits of this technology in “enabling the sales associate” and “streamlining task management” in store. Some 65 percent of the 141 identified in-store tasks performed by staff are non-selling tasks, thus the need to implement technology in a smart and effective way that makes the retail experience more autonomous and the sales associate more empowered.

But by further peeling back the curtain on inventory visibility and stockkeeping unit management, the technology allows retailers to see which styles are selling better in which store locations, while also giving designers the advantage of designing to increase purchase activity from the in-store try-on data.