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Alvanon and BodiData have teamed up to create a body measurement database – the largest in the apparel sector, according to the companies, which will help serve Alvanon’s retail client base.

Alvanon is a global apparel consulting company that advises clients on strategies for growing sales and improving profitability by streamlining internal teams and strategic suppliers, enhancing consumer experiences and improving product development processes and supply chains. BodiData is a big data firm that specializes in three-dimensional body measurements.

The body-measuring data is derived from infrared, laser and millimeter radio-wave scanners, which allow for the capture of body specifications. Its customizable scanning service is geared to help retailers expand the number of consumers that can be clothed by focusing on size and body shape. The database includes more than one million North American men, women and adolescents.

The combined data, insights and technology will aid retailers in defining precise body specifications for consumer demographics and target markets. As a result, apparel brands are enabled to easily update product fit, sizing and can access measurement tables, size charts, grade rules and block libraries.

The impetus of the partnership is driven by a consumer need for better fitting apparel. According to Alvanon’s research, 90 percent of people surveyed will not return to a brand after experiencing a bad fit.

BodiData’s multisensor body-scanning technology for measuring fully clothed individuals was implemented in millimeter wave kiosk scanner booths in 72 United States malls. This helped create the largest database of American body measurements in the world, boasting hundreds of thousands of data points for each individual analyzed.

Alvanon works with size research organizations, survey companies and universities worldwide, such as ASTM International, Shape Great Britain, Hohenstein, Size Mexico, Size North America, North Carolina State and Cornell University, among others, to provide more context and dimension to its retail data analytics.

Tuoc Long, the chief executive officer and director of BodiData, said, “Where Google, Facebook and Amazon may have user interest, behavior and transaction data, they do not have detailed data on a user’s physical body.” He added, “Alvanon is the only apparel consulting expert we will be working with in the retail apparel sector. Its deep industry domain knowledge enables it to extract and utilize the data we collect to provide strategic consumer and market insight.”

Janice Wang, the chief executive officer of Alvanon, noted, “Every brand should have a unique DNA ‘fit’ that is understood and can be replicated through every product and across the supply chain.”

She explained, “However, demographic data is just data unless it is analyzed in the right context. BodiData is generating big data on US consumers and growing throughout the world. Our domain expertise will enable us to analyze and help apparel brands and retailers define their DNA fit for their target consumer population. Better fit will help apparel brands maximize sell-throughs, reduce inventory, reduce returns and ultimately improve customer loyalty.”

“The U.S. consumer population is one of the most ethnically and size diverse on the planet, so this partnership will deliver clarity to a confused market and enable the industry to make better fitting clothing. Being able to use the database to create custom solutions for the apparel industry is hugely exciting,” Wang concluded.

Alvanon calls Alexander Wang, Diane von Furstenberg, Hugo Boss, J. Crew, Nike, T.J. Maxx, Brooks Brothers and clients, among many others.

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