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Amazon continues to progress with its world domination tour. As it prepares to enter the Australian market by the end of 2018, Nielsen took the market’s temperature on consumers’ willingness to use the e-commerce platform and the products they plan to purchase via the web site.

Of the various features offered by Amazon, Australian consumers are most primed to capitalize on its low prices available on the web site’s marketplace, free and quick deliveries and its large assortment of brands and products, Nielsen’s researcher said in the latest report.

The analysis found that the Australian consumer climate has readied itself for the arrival — three out of five shoppers are looking forward to buying products ranging from electronics, books, clothes and groceries.

The analysis revealed that 60 percent of shoppers plan to buy electronics, 54 percent will likely purchase books and 46 percent of Australian shoppers are planning to buy clothing from the web site. A smaller percentage of the shoppers are prepared to buy groceries. Only 12 percent of shoppers are looking to buy packaged goods, 7 percent expect to buy fresh vegetables and 5 percent will purchase meat.

As demonstrated by the influence on consumers’ readiness to embrace e-commerce from Amazon and elsewhere, the report suggested that the foray of the online giant might benefit smaller and more localized e-retailers. “When it comes to its products and services, Amazon will be a big market disruptor to the online retail landscape,” the report said.

Australian consumers are already using the e-commerce service — the report revealed that 18 percent currently already shop on Amazon’s international site. The report said that the web site’s brand awareness is already impressive: forty-seven percent shared that they’re already familiar with Amazon’s plan to launch in the region.

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