Gen Z females like to use Amazon for discovering new products or brands.

While many consumers begin their product search on Amazon, Generation Z females are more likely to do so than other demographic cohorts, according to CPC Strategy.

The firm’s 2019 Amazon Consumer Survey looked at 2,000 U.S. Amazon shoppers to reveal what drives shopping behavior and what it means for brands. Now part of Elite SEM, CPC Strategy is a retail-focused performance marketing agency.

According to the study, which was conducted by San Francisco-based independent research firm Survata, more and more trust is being dedicated to Amazon during product discovery. With 52.2 percent of shoppers being “more willing to buy a brand they’re not familiar with on Amazon than they would be at any other store,” intent is certainly there.

“The intention may not have initially been to buy from a specific brand, but the intent was to buy a product,” said Jen Acosta, senior marketplace channel analyst at CPC Strategy. More importantly, 72.1 percent of female Gen Z shoppers look to Amazon for new product discovery, (compared to the industry average of 54 percent of product searches starting on Amazon), revealing little reluctance for the unknown.

Gen Z women are “one of the largest and most influential generations” and “unlike any generation before them,” reiterated Dalton Dorne, chief marketing officer at Elite SEM. Regarding the Gen Z female shopper, Dorne added: “Brands who don’t understand how to create relationships with them are setting themselves up for a rough ride.”

Over half, or 64.3 percent of Gen Z females have purchased from Amazon in the past six months, dividing spend between both name brands and off brands, alike. The results suggest the viability for small to mid-size brands to gain further market share on Amazon in 2019, especially if residing in the electronics, health and beauty categories.

While 53 percent of all Amazon shoppers reported spending more than $50 per month, the majority of Gen Z females, or 93.3 percent, spend up to $100 on Amazon every month. She (the Gen Z female) also values Amazon for its convenience, with “free and fast shipping” as the top reason for “buying clothing on Amazon, even if the product costs more.”

While price still ranks as the most important factor in converting a shopper toward a purchase, convenience and content opportunities, such as product reviews, substantiate it further. One thing is clear, where there is a preference for Amazon, a strong presence is necessary for brands to not lose out on sales.

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