Amazon the Drop

Amazon is getting in on the streetwear distribution model with its own take on The Drop.

The web giant, which readily tests new business models and adopts what works, unveiled its latest mash-up approach to fashion, hitting on several of the industry’s favorite themes — including limited-edition collections, influencers, sustainability and, of course, the drop.

“We partner with international trendsetters, turning your favorite curators into creators,” Amazon said in its teaser, which noted the styles will come from around the world and be introduced every few weeks.

Paola Alberdi, Sierra Furtado, Emi Suzuki, Leonie Hanne and Patricia Bright are among the influencers taking part in the program.

Amazon asks users to submit their phone number to receive text updates announcing the latest drop.

The company said: “Trends move fast. The Drop does, too. Each collection is live for 30 hours or less because fabrics are limited. Then we make each style only when you order it to reduce waste.”

In addition to trendier pieces, The Drop will also include staples that are always available to complete the look.

Amazon has been steadily pushing for new ways to get into fashion — and has been borrowing ideas to work on new approaches.

For a time, Amazon had a shoppable streaming fashion show that resembled QVC or HSN. And its Prime Wardrobe try-on-at-home service takes bits from Stitch Fix’s business model.

Both of those programs have helped the company get closer to the fashion consumer and also provided platforms for its private brands.

The Drop furthers those efforts, linking in influencers and adding a made-to-order element, while ginning up interest and scarcity value by keeping each offer open for just 30 hours.

The end result appears to be a new push into fashion that requires no inventory — and therefore little risk.

If it’s doubtful that Amazon will become the next Supreme and have fans waiting with bated breath for the next drop, the e-commerce company will certainly get a new look at the fashion customer and another chance to refine fashion approach as it seeks for even more market share.

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