Jeff Bezos, Amazon founder and CEO, speaks at The Economic Club of Washington's Milestone Celebration in Washington, . Bezos said that he is giving $2 billion to start the Bezos Day One Fund which will open preschools in low-income neighborhoods and give money to nonprofits that helps homeless familiesJeff Bezos Charitable Fund, Washington, USA - 13 Sep 2018

Jeff Bezos shed nearly $2 billion of Amazon shares in the last days of July, and via a 4 percent stake transfer as part of divorce proceeding MacKenzie Bezos is now the company’s second-largest shareholder, with a stake valued at more than $37 billion.

The high-profile tech executive sold 968,148 shares for roughly $1.8 billion over the last three days of July, according to regulatory filings. The move reducing his holding in the technology and e-commerce empire — Amazon is the world’s third most valuable company — brought his stake down to approximately $110 billion.

The filings show that MacKenzie now holds about 19.7 million shares. The transfer stems from the pair’s divorce settlement, which ends 25 years of marriage. Announced in January via Twitter, the marital uncoupling became official when a King County, Wash., judge signed the order on July 5.

Court papers revealed little else about the divorce terms, though a parenting plan was filed last month to cover arrangements for their children. In April, MacKenzie, a novelist, tweeted that she would let go of her interests in the Washington Post and Blue Origin, Jeff’s space exploration start-up.

As for Amazon, MacKenzie now has a 4 percent holding worth more than $37 billion. Those stakes make her the 23rd richest person in the world, according to multiple outlets. Her ex-husband’s remaining 12 percent stake, estimated at about $110 billion, secures his lead position among the world’s billionaires.

The Amazon ceo also plans to sell roughly $1 billion in stock each year to fuel Blue Origin, his start-up rocket company that aims to make consumer space travel feasible.