Bodyblock AI

The reason “nothing fits” has everything to do with the people wearing the clothes and those designing them. Without the aid of data-driven insights informed by real body measurements — fit is off, as BodyBlock AI is concerned.

“Brands are designing without any understanding of their customer,” said Greg Moore, chief executive officer of BodyBlock AI, a fit prediction technology and consultant for the likes of Stitch Fix and Athleta.

According to BodyBlock AI, 4 out of 5 bodies won’t fit into brands’ current clothing sizes the way patterns are made today, not taking into account pattern cut and stretching.

“Nothing fits” because brands didn’t have accurate source data [or access to any data at all] before they started designing the clothes. The company points to how the wrong fit impacts returns, sustainability and sell-through, among other variables.

Using digital forms that represent human bodies, BodyBlock AI helps brands design better fitting garments, using its fleet of 2,000 body scanners worldwide in places of typical use such as fitness, wellness and weight loss centers. Enabling solutions for the apparel industry, BodyBlock AI aims to help brands “right-size their inventory management,” while seizing an uptick in profitability — a 4-to-5x the conversion and 10 to 15 percent reduction in overall returns.

Alongside informing brands on revised sizing strategies through its robust body data, BodyBlock AI deploys a prediction tool integrated on e-commerce web sites for apparel retailers. At the front-end of the fit prediction — or BodyBlock Predict — technology, customers can shop a web site that utilizes BodyBlock AI, whereby a 15-second quiz guides a customer to sort and self-identify with the visuals of actual human body scans, helping predict their size with 96 percent accuracy in body measurements, as touted by the company. As a web-enabled and mobile-enabled platform, the company is rooted in data and strives to ensure fit and size, cornerstones of the apparel business, don’t actually vary.