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Denim manufacturer Artistic Milliners said it has launched its Artistic Energy program, a fully owned subsidiary of the company that ventures into solar and wind power to provide clean energy to the national grid. The company said it invested $27.3 million in the project.

Separately, the denim maker reiterated its commitment to advocating for women’s rights in the workplace.

With the energy program, the company said coal-fired power plants still provide more than 42 percent of the global electricity supply. Via its first wind-powered plant — which boasts 50-megawatt of 29 GE Turbines — the firm is already providing electricity to 7,000 households in Sindh, Pakistan. The thermal power plant equivalent would have used 5.6 million tons of coal burning to generate the same amount of electricity, according to the company. And its vertically integrated and sustainable denim manufacturing plant — a corporate headquarters located in Karachi — is the country’s first LEED certified factory, which employs clean and solar energy, utilizes energy-efficient lighting, reduces emissions, conserves water and reports a 75 percent rate of water recycling.

The firm’s research and development team launches sustainable and technology-focused material concepts every season, the company said. Artistic Milliners most recently partnered with designer Tilmann Wröbel for its “Made in Paris — Frenchie” capsule collection that debuted in April at Kingpins Amsterdam.

Artistic Milliners Partners With Tilmann Wröbel for Capsule Collection

Technology and Sustainability Main Focus at Denim Premiere Vision in Paris

Vintage looks from the Re/mastered collection by Cordura, Monsieur T and Artistic Milliners.  Dominique Maître

And Artistic Milliners has simultaneously ventured into the advocacy of women’s rights in the workplace. At its recent “Driving Economic Growth Through Women’s Employment in Pakistan” seminar, held in participation with the Pakistan Business Council  and the International Finance Corp., a member of the World Bank Group, the firm hosted policy-makers, NGOs and private sector businesses to encourage female leadership and advancement. Artistic Milliners recently won the Award for Excellence in Women Empowerment 2018 by the Employers’ Federation of Pakistan.

At the event, Murtaza Ahmed, the executive director at Artistic Milliners, said, “Our company has taken a lead on introducing life-skills training program for women in our factories. These include projects like Gap Inc.’s P.AC.E. and BSR HERProject. We are also breaking stereotypes by hiring women in senior management positions in our company, which is in total contrast to the norms in manufacturing facilities located in Korangi Industrial Area.” Ahmed encouraged attendees to foster women’s leadership in the workplace, and said the movement can “bring about real organizational change as a whole.”

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