A look from the Tumi-Heineken collaboration.

Tumi has teamed with telecom giant and IoT provider AT&T as well as hardware maker LugTrack to roll out a wireless tracking device for travel products.

The Tumi Global Locator is described as a “wireless tracking device designed to provide travelers with location specific positioning information regarding the whereabouts of their luggage and travel bags,” the company said. LugTrack, a New Jersey-based technology company, designed and developed the patented technology while AT&T provides global connectivity for the device.

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The launch comes as AT&T said last year nearly 22 million bags were “mishandled” globally, which the company said works out to be about 5.7 bags per 1,000 passengers. “While airports and airlines are investing in technology to track luggage under their respective jurisdictions, the Tumi Global Locator puts the power into customers’ hands, providing tracking ability from the second a journey begins,” AT&T said.

The device can be used in any bag, and is available on Tumi’s web site for $200. The device weighs 150 grams, and measures about 4.3 by 2.5 by 0.8 inches. The device uses GPS, GSM and Wi-Fi as well as Bluetooth technology “to track the location of the luggage or bag in which it has been placed. The device delivers real-time data, via the free mobile application available for both Android and iOS devices,” the company said.

Based on its size, the device can fit easily into any size luggage or travel bag as well as backpacks. Other GPS and GSM chip-powered trackers have been on the market for some time from companies that include Trakdot, LugLoc, iTag, Tile and Smart Unit, among others.

Rob Cooper, general manager for North America at Tumi, said the company understands “that one of the most stressful parts of any journey is the risk of losing your luggage, be that temporarily or permanently. The goal of the Tumi Global Locator is to make this a concern of the past, giving our customers a peace of mind and ensuring a more enjoyable travel experience.”

Joe Mosele, vice president of business development and IoT Solutions at AT&T said as IoT grows, “consumers and businesses have a desire to remain connected in a bigger way than ever before, regardless of whether they are at home or on the go.”

The device features four modes: travel mode, which “automatically tracks a bag’s location every 20 to 30 minutes and builds a history of where a bag has been;” hotel mode, which lets the user set a hotel room, for example, as a home base and alerts the user if it is moved; proximity mode, which uses Bluetooth technology to “tether” the bag with the locator to a connected device, and sleep mode, which can be used while the bag with the device is in flight.

“In compliance with FAA [Federal Aviation Administration] requirements, the Global Locator powers down upon take off to remain in an idle state during flight,” the company said. “Upon landing, the locator automatically wakes up and sends a notification to the connected device, informing the user of the bag’s location.”

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