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The product innovation platform Bamboo Rose has announced updates that enable users to access the software via mobile devices. With its accessibility, customers will be able to access its full product suite from any iOS or Android tablet.

“By allowing our customers to go mobile as they design, develop and deliver products, retailers, brands and suppliers will be able to be in constant communication using one platform – even when members are in the field. Other ‘mobile’ offerings are actually just a series of standalone, disconnected apps, all of which need to be manually downloaded and periodically updated. We’re providing our entire platform on the go, with all of the power and functionality you’d get in the desktop version – no compromises,” said Sue Welch, chief executive officer of Bamboo Rose.

The update speaks to the new expectations of professionals working within all stages of the supply chain. With its services ranging from product life-cycle management (PLM), sourcing, order management, and global trade management, users are empowered to access the platform throughout various responsibilities from showroom appointments to attending fitting sessions.

Early adopters of the mobile version include Kohl’s and Urban Outfitters. “Retailers today need to shop, communicate and collaborate at consumer speed, and that means functioning the same way their customers do,” said Welch. “How do customers shop? On mobile. We’re powering the tech revolution for brands with the first fully mobile solution.”

Heightened consumer expectations have forced the supply chain to accelerate in order to meet the throttling pace of trend consumption. With that, PLM providers have been charged with updating software in order to promote transparency and speedy communication between traditionally siloed departments.

Bamboo Rose currently services more than 85 retailers and 400 brands that include American Eagle, Saks Fifth Avenue, Adidas, Lululemon, Free People and Home Depot.

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