Bell and Howell's self pick up collection system.

Bell and Howell, which offers a variety of consumer electronics and accessories as well as “click and collect” B2B products for retailers, businesses and nonprofits, is showcasing a “self-service” pick-up solution at the NRF Big Show later this month.

Designed for retailers and grocery chains who offer online shopping, the “BH QuickCollect” is a drive-up pickup kiosk. The company described the solution as a “modular system” that can be added to “an existing retail building, or as a stand-alone structure.” The BH QuickCollect is installed and managed by Bell and Howell and done in partnership with KPS Global and Viscon Logistics.

Joe Zuech, vice president of manufacturing and grocery pickup for Bell and Howell, described the solution as “unprecedented” in the market with a goal of offering “the most convenient shopping experience possible” for consumers.

The company said in a statement that the automated merchandise retrieval system “provides customers with drive-up pickup stations that are built directly into the kiosk, with dedicated parking directly in front of each station. Customers simply scan a unique QR code sent when an order is ready for pickup. Their online order is then delivered in as little as 45 seconds, without ever having to enter the store.”

The company offers a service plan and advanced analytics as well. Larry Blue, president and chief executive officer of Bell and Howell, said as “online shopping continues to grow in popularity and convenience, customers are beginning to expect these types of self-service pickup options. We’re continuing to innovate with turn-key solutions for retailers designed to meet the ever-changing needs of the consumer.”

Bell & Howell was founded in 1907. Known for its cameras and products, the company changed its name in 2011 to Bell and Howell LLC after it was taken out of bankruptcy by Versa Capital Management.