Bloglovin’ acquired mobile commerce company Finale, getting a new chief executive officer and a new emphasis on e-commerce and mobile in the process.

The seven-year-old company that connects consumers with blogs will now be led by Giordano Bruno Contestabile, a Finale cofounder. Former ceo Joy Marcus left the firm last month and joined Condé Nast Entertainment as general manager of digital video.

“We want to make it easy for users to buy from a channel and we want to drive revenue to the bloggers,” Contestabile said. “Whether it’s an affiliate or a direct model, we want to make sure the bloggers are compensated.”

Contestabile is still putting together the e-commerce plan for Bloglovin’. The business currently gets its revenue from cross-platform native advertising, brand partnerships and by facilitating brand and blogger collaborations.

The ceo also plans to improve the user’s mobile experience. More than half of Bloglovin’s traffic comes from a mobile device and app users are the most engaged, averaging three sessions a day and reading 58 posts per week.

The platform has more than 665,000 registered blogs, reaching a global audience of 500 million people. More than six million people have registered on Bloglovin’ and, on average, they each follow 40 blogs. Eighty percent of users visit at least one of these blogs five out seven days of the week. More than 90 percent of the user base is female and the top verticals are fashion, beauty, food, home and travel.

The platform has seen 1.3 million app downloads to date and the company’s subscribers opt to receive hourly, daily or weekly e-mails from Bloglovin’ that notify them about new posts and content that’s trending.

Bloglovin’ is frequently among the top traffic sources for influencers and plans to roll out additional services in the coming months, including an influencer index for brands and commerce integrations. Contestabile said it’s possible Bloglovin’ will partner with companies that specialize in driving affiliate revenue for online influencers, such as RewardStyle and ShopStyle.

In addition to focusing on the mobile experience, a series of partnerships will roll out in the coming months. The first kicks off on June 11 with H&M and is designed to find the next “Breakthrough Fashion Blogger of the Year” who will be named at the Bloglovin’ Awards in September. Bloggers Arielle Nachmani of SomethingNavy, Geri Hirsch of Because I’m Addicted, and Vanessa Hong of The Haute Pursuit will help Bloglovin’ and H&M select a winner, and each will mentor one of three finalists.

Bloglovin’ has raised $8 million to date and Contestabile said there are no immediate plans to bring in more funds. Terms of the deal to buy Finale were not disclosed.