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When it comes to buy online, pick-up in store, or BOPIS, the overall execution of the service is important for success — especially timeliness, which can increase repeat consumer users, according to the most recent BOPIS State of the Industry Report from Bell and Howell and OrderDynamics.

Automated click-and-collect solution provider Bell and Howell and order management system company OrderDynamics, partnered with IHL Group to experience BOPIS offerings from the consumer’s perspective. “The findings in the report are based on the feedback provided by 300 secret shoppers that explored the BOPIS shopping journey at 10 top retailers across the U.S.,” the companies said in a statement. “The secret shoppers rated their experience in the three phases of a BOPIS experience: online purchase, notification and in-store pickup.”

In a ranking of the retailers tested, Best Buy came out on top. The scores were compiled in a rating system with “five” being a perfect score. “For the entire BOPIS experience, our shoppers rated Best Buy at 4.70 and The Home Depot at 4.67 as best currently,” authors of the report stated. “They were both consistent in all phases of the experience and across geographies. These were followed by Bed Bath & Beyond (who excelled in the notification and pickup experience), and Kohl’s (who was above average in nearly all categories).”

Some of the findings include that platform use varies. Just over 60 percent of respondents used a PC while 39 percent used a mobile device to make their online purchases. And of the shoppers using mobile devices, “only 29 percent used a retailer’s app,” authors of the report said.

In regard to timeliness, the shoppers who were notified “within four hours were 19 percent more likely to use the service again, and 15 percent more likely to recommend the service to others.” Additionally, retailers who used automated pickup “saw a 28 percent improvement in pickup time speed,” the researchers said adding that in Walmart’s case, “there was a 60 percent improvement in speed.”

Larry Blue, president and chief executive officer of Bell and Howell

, said shoppers want “a quick and convenient online shopping journey. This report highlights the characteristics of the BOPIS process that customers want and how the leading retailers are doing toward creating a frictionless BOPIS experience.”

Nick McLean, president of OrderDynamics, said the research reveals that “store-level execution can make or break a retailer who offers BOPIS. Effort, organization, staffing and automation can go a long way to not only help retailers take advantage of BOPIS growth, but to also improve the customer experience while building greater loyalty.”

Overall, the researchers praised retailers for moving forward with BOPIS options. But Greg Buzek, president of IHL Group, noted that there’s “great work to be done in the store level execution once the order is placed. This includes the time to pick the order, the time to notify the customer, and then the execution of the pickup at the physical store.”

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