Internet retailers cite the effectiveness of welcome emails.
Campaign Monitor, an e-mail marketing and automation software company for emerging brands, said today that it acquired Tagga, a data platform for marketers. The acquisition aims to combine Tagga’s customer database with Campaign Monitor’s software to create “behaviorally driven” B2C customer relationship management, known as CRM, for growing companies.
With the acquisition, which was for an undisclosed amount, Campaign Monitor can now enable marketers to automatically capture user data and create behavioral profiles for customers. E-mail marketing is an effective revenue driver for e-commerce, as e-mail subscribers will often click out to peruse brand web sites, shop and engage on social channels. Campaign Monitor supports more than 200,000 companies worldwide, including Adidas, Topshop, Sephora and Virgin.
B2B companies traditionally require sales representatives and account-based marketing, but B2C brands base marketing decisions on data that allows for personalized engagement with customers and insightful behavioral data.
Data Science

Data science is now used in online apparel retailing.  Shutterstock / McIek

Alex Bard, the chief executive officer of Campaign Monitor, said, “data is the fuel of the future. It’s growing faster than ever before and marketers need to continually capture that behavioral data, extract insights, and take action.” He added, “With Tagga, Campaign Monitor will be the marketer’s behavioral data-driven CRM, powering more effective ways for marketers to engage with customers.”
Australia-based Flight Centre Travel Group employed the combined software program in a trial-run and said it has sold more vacations from Campaign Monitor’s e-mails because of the exclusive travel deals it offers to subscribers. “Campaign Monitor and Tagga are already driving engagement and revenue for our business and we’re thrilled about the acquisition,” said Punam Pathak, the senior vice president of sales and marketing of Flight Centre Travel Group.
“Combined, they’ll deliver a unified platform that empowers us to execute hyper-personalized marketing campaigns,” he noted.
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