Growth of mobile technology is forcing retailers to change and transform.

Technology and outsourcing consultancy CapGemini recently announced its acquisition of connected commerce company, Itelios. The transaction is to be finalized next month. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

The purchase deepens CapGemini’s offerings in digital guidance and other services. Under its umbrella, CapGemini offers its customers a range of solutions in a multitude of segments from technology and engineering to cloud selection. A leading provider of Salesforce’s commerce cloud, Itelios will bolster CapGemini’s ability to provide end-to-end digital solutions for its clients with a specific focus on omnichannel initiatives by aligning digital, social, mobile and in-store experiences for consumers.

The partnership joins other consultancies, digital agencies and technology companies looking to not only streamline and integrate efficient infrastructure, but extend comprehensive solutions for customers. Earlier this week, Intel announced its development of a fully integrated artificial intelligence product with its acquisition of Nervana machine-learning company. Adobe and Microsoft have partnered to offer a suite of marketing and sales services. Bold Metrics and Morph 3-D combined their forces in order to devise more accurate augmented reality avatars for consumers to virtually try on items before purchasing.

This wave of collaboration is set to continue, driven by expedited and increasingly accelerated consumer expectations. Brands and retailers are grappling to capture a finite shopper base and build loyalty through cutting-edge technology that will enhance personalized shopping experiences. It’s all in effort to keep from sinking.

Key players are taking the lead from early adopters such as Burberry and Rebecca Minkoff that have aggressively sought innovative technologies that have proved fruitful. From see-now-buy-now fashion shows to incorporating smart mirrors in physical store locations, each brand has displayed a tenacity to fail big. Among the actual technology enforced in each of their executions, other retailers and brands don’t need to begin with such extreme strategies — surveying options offered by consultancies such as CapGemini to source holistic services that connect front of house with the back end will likely be an advantageous first step.

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