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Technology might not replace jobs, contrary to speculation and fears. According to research released by CapGemini, organizations that have deployed artificial intelligence have generated new positions in addition to growing revenue.

The report, “Turning AI Into Concrete Value: The Successful Implementers’ Tool-Kit” studied nearly 1,000 organizations with revenues of more than $500 million that are implementing AI. The survey polled executives from nine countries and seven industries were represented.

The research found that approximately 83 percent of the companies created new jobs stemming from the integration of AI technology into their operations. The addition of the functionality has predominately created senior-level positions. “Among organizations that have implemented AI at scale, more than three in five (63 percent) said that AI has not destroyed any jobs in their organization,” said the report.

What’s more, the research found that AI serves as a tool to reduce the amount of time an employee spends on administrative tasks. “The majority of respondent organizations (71 percent) have proactively initiated up-skilling/re-skilling of employees to take advantage of their AI investments,” the report said. “For those who have implemented AI at scale, the vast majority believe that AI will make complex jobs easier (89 percent) and that intelligent machines will coexist with humans within their businesses (88 percent).”

As retail business strategies continue to evolve to center on consumer experience, AI is delivering key functionality to enhance the shopping journey — particularly successful when extending heightened personalization features.

“The study found that tech-savvy businesses are using AI to increase sales, boost operations, facilitate customer engagement and generate business insights; it is working, as three-quarters of firms are already seeing a 10 percent uplift in sales since starting to use the technology,” the report said. “The customer experience is a big focus of AI adopters: 73 percent think AI can increase customer satisfaction scores and 65 percent believe it could reduce future customer churn.”

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