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Cariaggi, a luxury Italian knitwear brand, created an exclusive yarn called Chrysalis in a partnership with the Austrian crystal company Swarovski. Chrysalis is a fine yarn delicately enhanced with Swarovski crystals.

Chrysalis was previewed at Pitti Filati in 2016 and presented for the first time in the fall 2017 yarns collection. Chrysalis is part of Cariaggi’s Essentia project, an initiative dedicated to fine fibers and yarns.

The yarn is constructed of very fine high-quality fibers, with 15.5-micron cashmere and Mulberry silk. When brushed, its texture is especially light, soft and feathery. Micro-enriched small Swarovski crystals allow both fibers to emanate a brightness and subtle shine.

Cariaggi’s Essentia collection includes 100 percent pure baby cashmere and vicuña, and features both woolen and worsted yarns.

Swarovski has a storied history of spearheading creative partnerships, as its worked alongside Alex Woo, Mario Buccellati, PNJ Jewelry Co., Coronet and Frends, the audio accessories brand. Swarovski’s “Innovation Lab” partnered with GemDoppio, a product for setting gemstones. The lab has also experimented with 3-D printing and invented several new cuts for gemstones, such as the Swarovski Zirconia Dahlia cut, a 10-sided cut inspired by the Dahlia flower petals.

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