As consumer influence surges, retailers are implementing chatbots in order to connect with e-shoppers. Employing artificial intelligence, the machine-learning tech allows consumers to enlist help without picking up the phone to speak with a customer service agent. This speaks to the priorities of Millennials — the demographic generally resists human interaction when possible.

Retailers and brands are using chatbots to maximize sales and to contextualize seasonal inspirations, especially in the luxury category. Burberry, Net-a-porter and Sephora all offer messenger options to assist shoppers find items, learn shipping details and decipher product descriptions. What’s more, brands are invading the spaces where targeted shoppers spend most of their time: social media.

This is where storytelling really comes to life — brands are able to integrate new styles, shoppable content and white-glove customer service via Facebook messenger, another bot.

Burberry optimizes Facebook to provide makeup tutorials, reveal campaign videos and unveil new installments of its Burberry Acoustic series. Nearing 17 million followers on the platform alone, the British fashion house received the Facebook score “very responsive to messages,” a feat that would be impossible without the use of a chatbot.

The shopper and the retailer each benefit from the enlisting of chatbots. Enterprises are able to keep labor costs at a minimum while consumers are able to receive immediate feedback that streamlines service without leaving the web site page.