Photo courtesy of Aspire Eyewear.

ClearVision Optical, an optical company and manufacturer of Aspire Eyewear, said it partnered with 3-D design firm Dassault Systèmes to create personalized three-piece rimless eyewear solutions. The new line, called Aspire 2.0, offers fully customizable frames created with the brand’s proprietary SDN-5, a durable material that allows for shape memory and is heat- and UV-exposure resistant.

This new material is lighter in weight than its predecessor, SDN-4; a typical Aspire 2.0 frame weighs approximately 12 grams. Optical retailers and consumers are enabled to design custom frames through Dassault Systèmes’ SolidWorks Make platform, which allows customers to create three-dimensional designs with over 1 million style possibilities. Aspire Eyewear created its first material, SDN-4, because no materials were available that met the brand’s expectations.

“We are prepared for the needs of every eyewear consumer, including the ever-important Millennial consumer,” said Peter Friedfeld, executive vice president of ClearVision Optical. Friedfeld’s team is comprised of product developers, IT professionals and marketers, who work together in their “Imaginarium,” or product room, to conceive and execute ideas. “We’re trying to move the market forward and really understand the consumer,” Friedfeld told WWD.

Photo courtesy of Aspire Eyewear. 

When Friedfeld’s associate Pia Taveras, a product engineer, stumbled upon SolidWorks Make at a trade show, he wanted to further explore the possibilities of 3-D design, 3-D printing and the creation of new materials that could be manufactured and brought into production.

“People today want choice and easy accessibility to both new products and information. And they want to make their purchases their own through customization. This new product technology allows consumers to get exactly what they want and offers the added service of directing them to an optician that can perfect their purchase with lenses crafted to their individual prescription. The service to the individual is maximized at every level of the interaction, and is available at the click of a button,” Friedfeld added.

According to ClearVision, Aspire 2.0 is the lightest and thinnest eyewear in the market. As a completely customizable product, designing the look, shape and color is entirely in the hands of the consumer, but design integrity is upheld by the limits on materials and styles afforded by Aspire Eyewear.

New designs can be completed through the platform in 30 minutes or less, and once designs are fully executed and ordered, delivery is available within one day of the finished customized product. The company also features a drop-down list on its web site with 1,800 Aspire Eyewear dealers and eyewear/optical professionals, who offer services to consumers.

SolidWorks Make’s software speeds up the prototyping phase by three to six months. Prior to working with Dassault Systèmes, it took 1 to 2 years to manufacture new designs. “Just making the initial sample could take three months alone,” Friedfeld added. “Now, we make over 300 new styles a year.”

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