Digital commerce solution provider CommentSold said it is expanding the capability of its platform for eligible retail customers that includes a “branded mobile app.” The company said the app will allow small- to medium-sized retailers to tap into live and social selling.

The company said clients using the platform will “now be able to control their own brand channel and expand their live-selling capabilities through a CommentSold-powered branded app that allows them to sell via livestream through social media and their app at the same time using a single, centralized inventory.”

The company said features of the platform include “Live in the App,” which allows retailers to “sell via livestream on their own app, their Facebook page and their Facebook Group concurrently using the same broadcast” and fulfilling via the aforementioned centralized inventory.

There’s also a “Shop the Look” feature, which allows brands to “curate outfits and recommend complementary products to complete a style. The apps also enable merchants to send push notifications about promotions, sales and new arrivals, and to prerecord videos for product demonstrations.”

The launch of CommentSold’s expanded platform comes as direct-to-consumer brands gain market share as online sales continue to grow. Since the outbreak of the coronavirus, shoppers are flocking to online marketplaces, social media and brand sites to make purchases across all categories.

Brandon Kruse, chief executive officer of CommentSold, said in a statement that given the retail environment, “offering a livestream shopping experience that is mobile-friendly is crucial to growing sales and reaching new customers.”

“In our tests, retailers leveraging a branded app as an additional live-selling channel have quickly seen mobile grow to account for the majority of their sales, which increased, on average, by more than 20 percent within six months of app launch,” Kruse added. “In addition, mobile app shoppers were 220 percent more likely to become repeat customers than shoppers on other channels.”

Kruse said branded apps give the company’s customers “more control over their brand experience, the ability to secure their audience of followers and additional ways to engage with their shoppers in real time.”