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As Cone Denim marks the 10-year anniversary for its S Gene technology, a performance stretch textile, the company is rolling out a version of the product with sustainability in mind.

S Gene technology was first developed and brought to market by Cone Denim in 2007.

In celebration of the milestone, the firm recently introduced its S Gene + yarns textile, a material manufactured with 100 percent recycled polyester content, which is its most sustainable superior stretch denim product to date. S Gene + yarns represents the latest iteration of its S Gene dual-core stretch yarn technology. Its S Gene material is enhanced by a dual core technology of spandex and continuous filament, which “optimizes stretch and maximizes recovery,” according to the brand.

The dual-core yarn is wrapped in a spun covering to create soft cotton hand with a natural appearance and additional stretch performance. The firm introduced Level II S Gene in 2015, which enhances the stretch product with 25 percent increased stretch power.

An additional S Gene textile, Coneflex denim, features stretch yarns in the warp and the weft to allow for a 360-degree, four-way stretch. Coneflex is preferred for its shape retention, low shrinkage and exceptional recovery that still maintains the characteristics of cotton denim.

This year also marks a 125th year anniversary for Cone Denim. The firm has been based in Greensboro, N.C., since its inception in 1891 and continues to operate out of its original White Oak facility. Cone Denim’s textile products range from performance and technology-enhanced denims to its re-created vintage Deeptone denim, which originated in the early 1900s.

Cone denim celebrating 125 years

Cone Denim celebrating 125 years.  Team Peter Stigter

Kara Nicholas, vice president of product design and marketing, said Cone Denim’s “S Gene technology continues to revolutionize stretch denims. Using innovative stretch technology hidden within the yarn, we virtually eliminated ‘bagging knee’ syndrome and created a new standard for superior shape retention and recovery performance.” She continued to say that Level II S Gene technology “unleashed denim fabrics that conform, slim and shape, but with unbelievable power and comfort.”

“This year we are launching S Gene + in celebration of the technology’s 10-year anniversary. This newest stretch innovation brings sustainability to stretch. We are committed to developing S Gene denims using 100 percent recycled polyester content, offering a new level of eco-conscious denim to the marketplace,” Nicholas said.

Cone Denim’s collections include Selvage, Sustainblue, S Gene, Performance Denim and Natural Indigo.

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