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Three months after digital-experience company Contentsquare scooped up Clicktale, an experience analytics firm from Tel Aviv, the fruits of the deal have begun to ripen. On Monday, Contentsquare unveiled a new release that allows clients to pull customer behavior insights from across digital channels, thanks to the company’s combined forces.

Experience insights can be tricky to master in one channel, let alone multiple ones. Contentsquare’s latest update lets clients assess how changes to web sites or mobile apps affect visitors’ experiences in real time and, in side-by-side comparisons, evaluate them over time or quickly compare them across different versions.

Contentsquare offers side-by-side views that can track or compare customer behavior for insights into user experience.  Courtesy image

The heavy lifting for this release comes courtesy of a 170-member research and development and product team. This melding of minds between Contentsquare and Clicktale talent pushed this latest update in 90 days for a client base of more than 600 global customers. In total, the platform analyzes as many as nine trillion digital interactions daily across customers’ web sites, mobile sites and apps.

Since the acquisition, the company — which already counted Avon, Kenzo, Sephora and others in its ranks — has added brands such as Crocs, e.l.f., Estée Lauder, Orvis and Vilebrequin.

“The roadmap is prioritized with our customers. We’ve spent a lot of time with clients one-on-one and in client clubs to make sure our roadmap delivers on their needs,” Contentsquare’s chief executive officer, Jonathan Cherki, told WWD. “I love those conversations. As a start-up that has experienced hyper-growth over the last few years, we are used to things moving very fast…”

For modern brands, responsiveness to consumers is the holy grail, and that means one thing: speed.

To that, Cherki believes he has the answer with a “complete experience analytics platform” that helps digital teams troubleshoot fast, so they can innovate more, he said.

Clients get visualizations of broader behaviors and session replays for drilling into individual session-level behavior, as well alerts powered by artificial intelligence. It also flags customer frustration and obstacles, and detects revenue anomalies or opportunities buried in the data. With those tools, teams can prioritize and execute changes based on more than just guesswork or incomplete surveys.

contentsquare alert

AI Alerts can reveal key aspects in the data, like revenue opportunities. 

Among the first clients to use the new tools, shoe brand Crocs put its marketing, analytics, ecommerce teams on the platform.

According to Feliz Papich, Crocs’ director of product management, the tech enabled his employees “to innovate, giving us more room to do insight-driven experimentation with less risk,” he said.

“With the visualizations, we don’t have to make assumptions about the visitor experience,” he added, “we can make enhancements based on tangible behavior.”

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