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Bridging the gap between social media and online shopping continues to baffle and evade retailers and brands. Tech solutions company, Curalate, has added a new platform to its suite, Showroom. The software enables retailers and brands to “turn any image or video into a storefront” while also pushing product suggestions to consumers. With the tech, David’s Bridal increased consumer visitation to its mobile site by 102 percent, a Curalate spokesman said.

“We’re in the midst of a massive shift from shopping in-store to shopping online. While physical stores are great at driving discovery, digital commerce today is optimized for the things people know exist. Curalate Showroom enables brands and retailers to go beyond search and is the closest you can get to walking the aisles of a retail store, online,” said Apu Gupta, chief executive officer and cofounder of Curalate.

David’s Bridal also increased its perusal rates — shoppers clicked on 13-times more products than a standard social media post. The platform aims to successfully connect mobile commerce with social media — a looming challenge that’s proven as a frustration and pain point for both consumers and merchants. “Curalate Showroom bridges this gap, enabling brands to create a far better consumer experience while taking advantage of social’s scale,” the spokesman said.

“Because of the relevant product recommendations and engaging content Showroom provides, the consumers who click-through to our site are much more engaged with higher intent to purchase,” said Callie Canfield, senior director of global marketing communications at David’s Bridal. “We’ve seen great results so far on Facebook and will be rolling it out across all of our marketing channels.”

Platforms such as Showroom provide a crucial component to brands and retailers trying to target consumers who are increasingly spending time on social media for product discovery. As Generation Z matures and gains more spending power, platforms that connect consumer, retailer and social will be integral to navigating a saturated market., one of the first brands to deploy Showroom centered its strategy on Snapchat, enabling its posts to be shoppable. ““Showroom is visual, engaging and showcases our products in a really intuitive way. The team can simply add links to Instagram Stories, Facebook and Snapchat to make them instantly shoppable without having to jump through any technical hoops to make it happen” said Colby Walker, senior manager of digital experience at

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