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It’s all in the confidence of the wearer, ask any French woman, but according to Shopify’s latest State of Commerce report — the data parallels what the world seems to herald about French style. Perfume, cologne and lingerie are all top-selling products in France.

Shopify harvested data from three sources for its report, including a subsection of global sales data on its platform from April 2018 to 2019.

“Consumer purchasing habits vary widely around the world, showcasing that local customs, preferences and holidays impact behavior,” Solmaz Shahalizadeh, vice president of data science and engineering at Shopify, said to WWD. When asked whether the “French girl chic” reigns true, she added that “France is a hot spot for perfume and fashion retailers,” and purchases mimic that accessibility and regard.

As a multichannel commerce platform for independent merchants, Shopify developed the report to inform its merchants on global insights for better understanding the needs of consumers, according to Harley Finkelstein, chief operating officer at Shopify, in a press statement. With more than 820,000 global merchants and 175 countries, more insights into commerce and geographical buying behavior were revealed, but not just for French consumers.

Mr Porter's The Japan Edit

Mr Porter’s The Japan Edit  Courtesy

In Japan, tea and infusion and knives rank higher than most other countries, perhaps nodding to ceremonial tea origins or Japanese craftsmanship in cutlery, among other disciplines. In recent fashion news, Mr Porter launched its “Japan Edit” showcasing 15 brands headed by Japanese designers.

In Germany, dance dresses, skirts and costumes are a top-selling product category. (For most other countries this does not break the top 50.) The report makes mention of Oktoberfest’s prominence for dressing up. Consumers in Germany also make the fastest shopping choices online at 17.68 minutes, with France and the U.K. trailing at 18.97 minutes and 19.32 minutes, respectively. Rather than being blanketed as impulse shoppers, Shahalizadeh said “It’s just as likely that these consumers have simply done their research before buying and are more intentional with their purchases.”

Consumers in the U.S. buy nearly twice as much as any other country, but consumers in Japan spend the most on average per transaction. By comparison, the American shopper typically has six items in cart, while any other country surveyed would have only two to three items in cart. Universally, main stake commodities such as mobile phone cases, books, shirts and tops rank as “highly sold product” across all countries surveyed.

The Shopify report noted four types of consumers in North America. 

In a mission to “make commerce better for everyone,” the report also noted shopping frequency, spending behavior, the impact of social media and how merchants can encourage brand loyal shoppers.

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