Depop Live will combine fashion, workshops and music.

Gen Z-focused social shopping platform Depop hopes to make a big impression on New Yorkers with Depop Live, a weekend-long event June 8 and 9 with workshops, panel discussions, live music, and commerce with participating sellers such as Slumpykev, Vaquera, Heron Preston, Telfar, No Sesso, Nicole McLaughlin, Devon Lee Carlson, Sandy Liang, Nicole Saldaña, and Aja Kween, among others.

Depop Live will be held at 428 Broadway on the corner of Howard Street in SoHo, a building Depop will take over since its 1,000-square-foot store at 168 Mott Street in Chinatown, which opened in August 2018, isn’t big enough to accommodate the event.

“We’ve never done anything on this scale before. The whole thing is a wonderful, evolving version of what physical retail can be. If it goes really well, we’ll find ways to replicate it. The wonder of the business is we’re very open to experimentation and innovation and trying different things that are in service of our community, such as photographic studios,” said Peter Semple, chief marketing officer of Depop, referring to studios designed for still-life and product-as-hero shots that can be booked free of charge by sellers.

Semple said the fashion offering will be a broad and diverse assortment, representing the creative-minded sellers on the site. “We’re showcasing a selection of sellers with really interesting creative styles. There’s a breadth of them,” he said, noting that Depop Live will feature independent designers, original streetwear, one-off items and designer vintage styles. “Some have been on Depop for a while. There’s some, who’ve built scale and have visible profiles on their own. Some sellers will have a rack and some will have more room and space.”

Programming throughout the weekend will include workshops and discussions surrounding the creative process, entrepreneurship, sustainability and technology, with seating on a first-come, first-served basis.

Hand-sewing patches on Saturday will be led by Left Hand L.A., self-described mothers of DIY fashion. Later that day, Iris Alonzo, cofounder of ecoconscious brand Everybody.World, will lead a panel about the impact of transparency, sustainability and activism on fashion, with New York City Department of Sanitation’s Bridget Anderson, upcycling designer Nicole McLaughlin, and Preston, who collaborated with the sanitation department on a collection that supported the city’s 0X30 initiative to reduce food waste.

Artist Sonya Sombreuil, creator of Come Tees, on Sunday will lead a screen-printing workshop. A panel on entrepreneurship and how to build a successful business out of your passion will be hosted by Depop chief executive officer Maria Raga with Bella McFadden aka Internet Girl, and other participants yet to be revealed.

“For the moment, the idea is to make New York and L.A. the ones to come to life and then explore a pop-up strategy across the U.S.,” said Semple. “It will make sense to plant roots in certain places, find an engaged community, and give them the tools and assets to discover more.”

The two-day event is a way to get closer to the complex cohort that makes up the Depop community. “The Gen Z audience is changing, evolving and reshaping everything around them, from social values to shopping,” Semple said. “We’re looking at how we can find ways to help empower them. Hopefully, this is another way to celebrate and drive the businesses created by these kids and inspire the next bunch.”



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