Cashback through "card-linked" offers.

“Easy money” — that’s the aim of Dosh, a cash-back app trending today on the Apple store as the number-one shopping app, even beating out the Amazon shopping app, which landed in second place.

Dosh is a “card-linked offer” provider that works by securely linking a customer’s credit card, be it American Express, MasterCard, or Visa, to their everyday spending and back to their wallets.

Dosh is trending today as the number-one shopping app on the Apple Store.  WWD

Nothing new here, Millennials and Gen Zers have shown an affinity for app usage. According to Dosh’s loyalty survey, more than 60 percent of Millennials and Gen Zers have directly linked their bank accounts to apps “purely for the use of shopping” and 69 percent of Millennials and 68 percent of Gen Z shoppers “frequently purchase items on their smartphones.”

With card-linked apps, users get cash back automatically on their everyday spending — perhaps saving up for high-value goods down the line, rather than waiting to accumulate points or coupons, which often sit unredeemed if a lengthy redemption process exists.

For consumers, the ability to “save on what they want to do and need to do” is how Dosh provides a service, said Brad Brodigan, president and chief operating officer of Dosh, in an interview with WWD.

Working with retail partners such as Forever 21, Payless, Sephora and World Market — Brodigan states how the value for Dosh partner retailers lies in propagating more purchases and repeat customers.

With a firsthand knowledge in payment processing and hosting from his five years at PayPal, Brodigan believes the value of Dosh lies in connecting consumers to missed cash opportunities “connecting billions of dollars to millions of consumers.”

And making this connection seamless with “real-time data” and transaction matching, the money is there — more than 37 million in cash back was allotted to Dosh subscribers.

As to the benefits for retailers and direct-to-consumer brands, Brodigan sees card-linked offers as “the next generation of performance-based advertisements, especially for brick-and-mortar retailers.”

With the consumer need for experience and human connection as a prevailing motive for in-store shopping, Dosh sees an opportunity to drive in-store transactions, stimulate new consumer loyalty and optimize average order value on a performance basis.

Already seeing a 92 percent user retention rate with their cashback offering, the card-link offer may serve as a valued link between retailers and consumer loyalty.

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