EBay's latest promotional video doesn't push products or sales, but patience.

Over the years, Black Friday has started looking a little more like Gray Friday, as the holiday shopping season scoots up the calendar ever earlier.

On Monday, with 100 days to Christmas, eBay is taking a stand against this practice, what it calls the “holiday creep.” In its new video, titled “The Holiday Chill,” the company skewers the early retail frenzy and turns eye-rolling into an art form.

In this increasingly Amazon-driven world, the video speaks to the frantic nature of retail today. The sector’s tough times are no joke, claiming plus-size store Avenue in August, while chains from Chico’s FAS and Victoria’s Secret to Gap face challenges. Meanwhile, according to the National Retail Federation, roughly 40 percent of consumers start their holiday shopping before Halloween, so they can spread out their spending.

So if it seems like stores are chomping at the bit to let loose a bevy of early promotions, in some cases, it may be because it’s a matter of life and death.

That is, for operations other than eBay. The e-commerce marketplace, which is expected to post $2.65 billion in sales this quarter, has “pledged to chill,” promising that it won’t release holiday advertisements or sales until November.

According to a spokeswoman, the company will use the time to help its sellers prepare for the peak shopping period. “Rest assured,” she said, “you can still find great deals every day, not just the holidays.”

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