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EBay is trying to entice shoppers with a new platform aimed at their desire for individuality.

The “fill your cart with color” brand platform leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning to make a redesigned homepage “responsive to each user’s interests” by offering “tailored recommendations” in all of eBay’s categories, led by fashion and electronics.

EBay said the platform will get new recommendations each time a shopper visits the site and “an inventory mix that’s truly unique to them.”

Part of the inspiration behind the platform is a study eBay conducted that found 93 percent of Americans “want the things they buy to reflect the ‘real them.’” This conclusion was extrapolated from the responses of just over 6,000 people between the ages of 18 and 49 who were surveyed in February.

“EBay is built on the diversity of the buyers and sellers that make up our marketplace — they create a rich and dynamic environment for commerce that is unmatched in possibilities,” said Suzy Deering, eBay’s chief marketing officer for North America. “Our priority as a business is to marry our streamlined, personalized shopping experience with our unparalleled selection of inventory to meet the evolving needs of millions of shoppers — uniquely enabling them to shop the products that they love.”

“Individuality and self-expression are at the heart of the eBay brand, delivered through an extraordinary breadth of inventory from around the world,” added Karl Isaac, vice president of global brand at eBay.

The new platform could be viewed as another attempt by eBay to keep up with Amazon and Wal-Mart, as both of those retailers seem to constantly raise the stakes for pricing and convenience.

At the end of March, eBay said by summer it will be offering guaranteed delivery of three days or less for 20 million items. In April, the company also agreed to invest over $500 million to Flipkart, an Amazon-like retail web site based in India, with a deal allowing foreign sellers on both platforms to more easily sell to one another’s shoppers. EBay invested in the site along with Microsoft and Tencent.

When eBay posted first-quarter results showing higher revenue mixed with a dip in profits, president and chief executive officer Devin Wenig noted “we are making steady progress in our journey of changing eBay.”

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