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Artificial intelligence and related technologies are transforming business, and according to the latest research, companies are rapidly deploying AI across a variety of organizational operations.

In its Artificial Intelligence Trends 2019 Roundup report sponsored by customer engagement platform provider Braze, eMarketer said 27 percent of U.S. executives have already implemented AI in “multiple areas” of their business, while 20 percent said they plan to deploy it “enterprise-wide.”

“The AI ecosystem is complex and in a state of constant flux,” researchers from eMarketer noted in the report. “Though far from perfect, one thing is for certain: Many business leaders are already bullish about AI’s ability to improve operations.” The firm added that executives worldwide “expect AI to improve growth, productivity, innovation and job creation in their respective countries and industries.”

Researchers at eMarketer also offered a primer on some of the important terminology used with the technology, which included machine learning, deep learning, neural networks and natural language processing, among others. The authors of the report said the terminology can be confusing, but at its core, AI involves technology that aims to emulate human thinking and decision-making.

“AI is no longer a futuristic, sci-fi trope,” the report stated. “After years of development, AI technologies — including machine learning, natural language processing and computer vision — are transforming organizations and freeing up employees to do higher-value work. For marketers and advertisers, AI is already disrupting core functions, including ad targeting, media buying, content creation and propensity modeling.”

Digging deeper into the applications of AI, eMarketer said analysis of data, e-mail marketing and creative/design work scored highest among respondents of a recent Adobe survey. Also high on the list was programmatic advertising, automated campaigns and content creation — both on the client side and agency side of the business.

Audience targeting and segmentation were also cited as key areas where AI can significantly improve business. These areas, in particular, are relevant to retailers and brands looking to create more personalized and engaging interactions with consumers.