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Emarsys has rolled out a personalization solution powered by artificial intelligence that marries product data and consumer behavior data to drive online engagement. The company says the platform, “AI Stylist,” exceeds the current personalization capabilities found in the market, including Amazon’s.

The company said in a statement that the platform works by building up “a detailed bank of product data through AI and a detailed bank of customer behavior and preference data, and then matches products to appropriate customers on any channel.”

Emarsys noted that AI Stylist is designed to offer an automated personalization experience for consumers and “makes automated product recommendations to customers based entirely on the intricate behaviors and preferences of individual customers.” This compares to automated recommendations done via a segmented database.

Under the hood, the platform leverage’s Google Cloud’s image recognition technology to closely examine the “properties of a particular product, recognizing specific characteristics that humans may miss.”

This would include textile materials or specific textures or colors. Patterns, silhouettes and apparel fitting would also be recognized by the technology. “AI Stylist then cross-references this with the behaviors of each customer that indicates a preference for certain features, with every new product viewed or purchased adding a new point of reference that helps to contextualize genuine interest in a product,” the company said.

For brands and retailers, the platform removes the need for companies to manually tag product descriptions and images.

Raj Balasundaram, senior vice president of AI at Emarsys, described AI Stylist as the forerunner “for the next level of personalization, incorporating some really leading-edge techniques in terms of image recognition and artificial intelligence.”

“Being able to personalize on a genuinely one-to-one level with customers, based entirely on their behavior and preferences, is something that even Amazon can only dream of,” Balasundaram added.

Emarsys said sales and conversions improve by “introducing more products that possess the most popular characteristics for a consumer base, while specifically promoting less popular items to those who are actually interested in them will drive sales, too.”

Emarsys teamed with Sports Direct to conduct a trial of the platform, and found that within a few months the retailer experienced a 10 percent gain in web site traffic and a 20 percent increase in e-mail engagement.

Paul Gunn, head of digital marketing and CRM at Frasers Group, the parent company of Sports Direct, said using AI Stylist is about “shifting from thinking about broad terms like ‘demand’ to the individual preferences and needs of individual customers.”

“One of the things that COVID-19 highlighted was the fact that trends are very difficult if you’re always looking at them in retrospect, and AI Stylist enables us to automate in a way that recognizes trends as they’re being created,” Gunn said.

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