LONDON — Launchmetrics, the data research and insights company for fashion and luxury, is partnering with Pinterest to help brands and influencers find the right partners, gain insights into their audiences and boost their return on investment, WWD has learned.

While Pinterest may not be the most obvious choice for fashion, with other social media platforms such as Instagram taking the lead, Launchmetrics found that Pinterest is a step in many consumers’ purchasing decision cycle.

“Pinterest is about discovery and for customers who aren’t even sure what they are looking for or what brands sell, they are visiting the Pinterest platform long before they are ready to purchase, which means our clients have a clear opportunity to capture new customers through this channel,” said Alison Bringé, chief marketing officer of Launchmetrics.

Bringé added that the new relationship with Pinterest “will allow us to better serve the industry and provide strategic insight reports for brands and influencers, and to optimize their return on investment.” She said the new partnership will help brands and influencers decode the data around the customer, the audience and their marketing goals.

Last year, Launchmetrics introduced an influencer relations management, IRM, tool, which helps influencers track their metrics, such as monthly views, social media following and campaign engagement in real time. This tool is also aimed at helping brands build partnerships with the right influencers and understand their impact.

This new tool will be integrated into Pinterest, allowing Launchmetrics to gather data and provide influencer visibility to Pinterest’s brand partners.

A spokesperson for Pinterest said a majority of leading bloggers and influencers are present on the visual discovery platform.

The spokesperson added that blogger content is especially compelling, “and we have been making updates to our features to help ensure this content takes center stage. Usually, bloggers are used to promoting who they follow on social media rather than the content they produce. It’s a different mindset on Pinterest,” the spokesperson added.

To tap into this mindset — and put content first -— the partnership also has an educational angle. Launchmetrics wants to provide workshops that will teach brands how to capitalize on data insights and work with influencers to increase their visibility.

“We see that in the beauty sector, 85 percent of media impact value is derived from social, with fashion garnering 43 percent and luxury at 42 percent. With these numbers, it’s even more critical that brands have a strong plan of action on how they can leverage these platforms to generate buzz and engage their audience,” said Bringé.