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Contentsquare, an AI-powered digital experience insights platform serving Avon, Kenzo, Sephora and more announced today it acquired Tel Aviv-based experience analytics company, Clicktale.

A compatible pair, Contentsquare aims to help its clients increase conversion through designing content-rich experiences while Clicktale leverages experience analytics to help brands improve their digital experiences. This announcement follows fund-raising efforts in excess of $120 million and the recent acquisition of Pricing Assistant, a price-monitoring and keyword assistant. Their teams are now serving more than 600 enterprise customers including about 30 percent of the Fortune Global 100 companies.

“As one unified company, we can deliver unique value through the richest behavior data, solutions and innovations,” Jonathan Cherki, founder and chief executive officer of Contentsquare, said to WWD. With this acquisition Cherki estimates “we are five times larger than anyone else in the experience analytics space by almost any metric.”

Brand equity is at stake during every aspect of the shopping journey, and Contentsquare aims to leave no gaps, explaining how the latest acquisition builds off of previous ones. “Synthesizing the impact of these elements [the effect of price, product, customer reviews, inventory and delivery options] as well as UX, content and site performance means we can provide a much more accurate picture of how to improve the shopping experience every time,” Cherki said.

Shlomi Hagai, ceo of Clicktale, said the acquisition allows “unprecedented insights into digital behavior; helping brands craft the most memorable and effective digital experiences for their customers.” The companies bring together both the latest analytics technology and insights from its team of data scientists and industry experts.

“Understanding customer behavior is all about understanding people,” Hagai said. The acquisition reinforces the resistance by helping brands “[treat] their customers as little more than names in a spreadsheet.”

“Both Clicktale and Contentsquare’s analytics go beyond this,” reiterated Hagai.