Facebook is launching a new sharing update for its Collections feature, which allows users to share groups of saved ads, videos and products with friends and groups.

Shopping’s inherently a social act — so it should be no surprise that social’s getting its act together to help fuel shopping.

Social giant Facebook is rolling out an update that allows people to share entire collections of content they’ve saved on the network. Think of it as an evolutionary step forward from last year’s launch of Facebook Collections, a feature that allowed users to save various types of content into holding tanks that they could rename and refer back to easily.

According to Facebook’s blog post, “Millions now use the feature each day, grouping this content into collections like ‘Living Room Remodel,’ ‘Outfit Inspiration’ and ‘Fitness Favorites.’ And we’ve heard from people that they want to be able to share these collections with their Facebook friends.”

The types of content saved can include anything from apparel ads and beauty videos to Marketplace listings, and the new feature also allows users to invite friends or groups to collaborate, so they can edit or add posts to particular collections.

“Collection sharing allows content from retailers, brands and more to be enjoyed in new ways,” Scott Fish, product manager at Facebook, told WWD. “It gives people the chance to share and discuss their favorite things with the people they care about.”

Facebook didn’t disclose precise usage figures for the original Collections feature, other than the “millions” referred to in the blog post. But the company considers the tool a big hit and said that, among those millions of people, the most frequently demanded feature was the ability to share the Collections they’ve saved with friends and family members.

The timing is a no-brainer. The new feature arrives in time for peak shopping season, when consumers en masse will be considering things like wish lists and sales, or posts on party planning, holiday looks and other sources of seasonal inspiration. And it may just be the beginning.

“Building spaces for this kind of engagement across multiple pieces of Facebook content is an area we’re excited by and hope to keep evolving,” Fish added.

Facebook plans to roll out sharing globally across the network over the coming week.