Shoppers turn to mobile devices for fashion shopping and buying.

After testing, Fastly, a content delivery network supplier, said today that its Image Optimizer platform is now available to the market. The Image Optimizer is an image manipulation solution that speeds up image delivery in real time, allowing for “pixel-perfect” images across devices.

The solution is designed to increase image optimization and speed on web sites. Almost 40 percent of visitors will leave a web site if images won’t properly load or take too long to load, according to a recent report by Adobe. The report also found that even a one-second delay in loading an image could result in losing a customer or reader.

Typically, businesses manually implement solutions to optimize, preprocess and store image variations across different devices and browsers, a process that causes a delay in loading times and increases the appearance of dated images. Fastly’s Image Optimizer identifies user devices, browsers and geo-locates to create on-demand variations and as a result, businesses can instantly adopt custom image optimization rules and tap into real-time analytics. These insights help businesses better understand how image experiences affect customers. Other features include real-time customization, mobile-readiness, scalability and reduced infrastructure cost.

Nordstrom outpaced rivals last year, driven by online and Nordstrom Rack.  Lucero/BFA/REX/Shutterstock

Nordstrom Rack, an early user of Fastly’s platform, implemented its Image Optimizer solution because it sought a customizable image optimization service that could keep up speed with its considerable online inventory. Herman Radtke, the vice president of engineering at and HauteLook, said, “As an e-commerce site, we rely on high-quality images. Customers won’t buy anything unless they can see it; they need to know a product looks good before they click the ‘buy’ button. So, the better the quality, the better chance of conversion.” He added, “With Fastly, we can serve any sort of image quickly and tailor it to the customer’s device so it looks great, giving us the best odds of turning that customer into a buyer.”

Joshua Bixby, the senior vice president of product at Fastly, said, “Today’s leading online brands face the daunting task of keeping pace with their customers’ changing expectations.” Bixby said the platform equips “online brands with the scalability, control and advanced capabilities they need to create exceptional customer experiences.”

The firm works with businesses across digital publishing, e-commerce, online video and audio, SaaS and travel and hospitality sectors. Fastly’s clients include Pinterest, Boots, Etsy, Kayak, BuzzFeed, iHeartMedia and Dollar Shave Club.

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