Filpucci mill

The Filpucci Group released its new “Responsible Innovation Collection” and announced its partnership with Creativity, Lifestyle and Sustainable Synergy (C.L.A.S.S.), a Milan-based “hub” that integrates sustainability resources for the textiles industry. The collection was presented at Pitti Filati in Florence.

Its collection blends natural-based, certified and organic materials with technical fabrics, topped off with Filpucci’s dyeing and finishing processes. Materials in the collection include cottons, linens and sustainable, technical fibers such as Cupro and Q-Nova. The eight new yarn styles are aptly named Cera, Grace, Bionyco, Sughero, Four Seasons, Planet, Bonton and Kamut. Filpucci said that the collection “speaks to a new, smarter, contemporary consumer.”

Filpucci mill

Hanks of yarns prepared to go inside the steaming room at Filpucci.  Mattia Balsamini

Via its collaboration with C.L.A.S.S., Filpucci is an ambassador for the firm’s partner product, “Re.Verso,” a new-generation wool featured alongside luxury upcycled cashmere yarns. The C.L.A.S.S. platform “enables businesses to be competitive and socially innovative,” according to the firm. Filpucci said that the collection “gives customers real access to a new, fashion-forward aesthetic, where quality and smart uniqueness in these new, more responsible yarns, deliver a new textile era of sustainable fashion solutions that are driven by ethical and natural values.”

Filpucci files an annual “Balance of Sustainability” report that analyzes the company’s business impact in regard to “responsible innovation strategy,” origin of materials, transparency, certifications, its no-waste manufacturing policy and various processes aimed at the reduction of environmental impacts. Filpucci said that it recently signed a new “Values Chart,” which guarantees “fully traceable” sustainable production chains that indicate and measure aspects of environmental performance, such as CO2 reduction, water use and power consumption, the company reported.

Over 70 percent of Filpucci’s water use has been recycled, partly due to its Detox campaign that the firm launched three years ago, according to the firm. Filpucci is GRS accredited and GOTS certified.

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