E-commerce solution provider First Data and KWI, which offers real-time cloud technology solutions, have teamed to offer a point-of-sale, cloud-based bundled platform especially designed for specialty and luxury retailers.

The companies noted that the enterprise commerce solution “includes a complete store system at no cost, along with First Data’s market-leading fraud and security tools, loyalty offerings, the STAR Network, among other features.”

The announcement was made as retailers and fashion apparel brands continue to make investments in cloud-based solutions. At the National Retail Federation trade show earlier this month, vendors noted that there’s been an overwhelming demand for cloud-based platforms as well as for solutions that mitigate the risk of fraud.

For the partnership, the rollout comes with the launch of the First Data’s Integrated Solutions Group, which will allow KWI to leverage First Data’s “portfolio of developer platforms to tailor a point-of-sale offering specifically for specialty retailers,” the companies noted.

Subsequently, the bundle being offered includes the KWI Cloud 9 platform and enterprise payment technology with features that also include non-proprietary commerce enabling equipment at no cost, and First Data’s TransArmor security tool, which the company said “combines the flexibility of encryption with tokenization to protect merchants from data breaches.”

Other features of the bundle include First Data’s “robust portfolio of gift card and loyalty solutions” as well as its e-commerce “developer portfolio, which allows developers to easily integrate into First Data’s platform.

Dan Charron, executive vice president of global business solutions at First Data, said that for more than 30 years, “First Data and KWI have worked seamlessly together to provide point-of-sale solutions to KWI’s retail clients. This latest collaboration deepens the relationship between the two companies and introduces a unique platform to the retail market.”

“Like First Data, KWI has a long history of providing comprehensive solutions for mid-market clients,” Charron added.

Sam Kliger, founder and chief executive officer of KWI, noted that leveraging technology “is imperative to the future of retail, but the best technology comes at a price. Our combined offering includes our proven Cloud 9 platform now in its sixth year of installation throughout the industry, with full EMV integration eliminating the cost and complexity of required certifications.”

Kliger noted that the collaboration with First Data enables retailers “to reduce costs and simplify operations” while also allowing “retailers to inject more capital into initiatives that will ultimately improve their business.”