The Bio Oxford Popover Shirt. Photo courtesy of Gant.

American lifestyle brand Gant said today it launched its Gant Beacons Project, a product-focused sustainability initiative in partnership with Seaqual, an ingredient fiber company based in Madrid. The program integrates upcycled plastic salvaged from the ocean into Gant’s “Tech Prep” line and offers several shirt styles for spring 2018, available for purchase in-store and online beginning April 3.

Seaqual upcycles plastic from the depths of the ocean — along with postconsumer plastic bottles — to create a high-quality, 100 percent recycled polyester filament yarn. Eight million tons of garbage end up in the oceans every year and it is estimated that 75 percent of the waste lies in the bottom of the sea; only 25 percent of it is visible on the surface, according to Seaqual.

Established in New Haven, Conn. in 1949 as an East Coast “Ivy League” lifestyle brand, Gant’s history is rooted in its “maritime living,” a visual concept that translates well through its collegiate-inspired style and preppy apparel offerings. Today, Gant offers premium clothing, accessories and home furnishings across men’s, women’s and children’s wear and reaches more than 70 markets internationally, with 750 stores and 4,000 selected retailers.

Lifestyle Apparel Brand Gant Partners With Waterkeeper Alliance


The Bio Indigo Chambray Shirt. Photo courtesy of Gant. 

Gant introduced Tech Prep in 2017 to offer a “business expression of activewear” for its customers. The brand began developing performance yarns in the Sixties and continues to experiment with innovations in material research and technology. Its spring 2018 Tech Prep shirts feature stretch, breathable and wicking properties, with buttons and packaging made from recycled materials, the company said. Key pieces include its Bio Oxford Popover Shirt for women, which includes a popover with a half placket and a flared sleeve; a men’s Bio Chambray Shirt that blends function with “clean quality design,” enabling it to be suitable for bike rides or the office; and its Indigo Chambray, a men’s shirt that achieved its dark blue color by “only the use of indigo dye,” which will slightly fade in each wash, comparable to traditional blue denim.

Brian Grevy, the chief marketing officer at Gant, said, “At Gant, we’re driven by one goal — never stop learning. This drives us to take action in favor of the world we live in. Through Gant Beacons Project, we are launching an entirely new process of creating beautiful products with a conscious, sustainable approach, which will further grow and evolve over time. We’re determined to take responsibility and to do our part to make our planet better, because the ocean’s business is everyone’s business.”

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