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MILAN — Coinciding with the Chinese New Year, Giglio Group is focusing on China, boosting its e-commerce business and has inked 12 new agreements with Italian designer brands.

Giglio Group already works with the likes of Guess, Max Mara, Bomberg, Trussardi and Chiara Ferragni’s The Blonde Salad. It has been evolving from being a media company to presenting itself as a “Worldwide Digital Enabler” for its more than 70 fashion, beauty and design clients in the luxury arena.

The Chinese market accounts for 4 percent of the group’s business and the company expects it to grow and represent around 30 percent of total sales within the next five years.

Within Giglio Group, there are two business divisions: IBox Digital, which is an e-commerce operator that delivers B2B and B2C platforms and services, and Ibox Distribution, a B2B company that manages stocks of the on- and off-season collections, distributing them among the world’s top digital retailers such as Vente Privée, Yoox, Zalando, Amazon, Gilt, Secoo and Kaola. Currently Ibox Distribution works with 46 brands through 78 marketplaces worldwide in 46 markets.

“We are ready to support each brand with a tailor-made and integral online distribution service, thanks to a complete supply chain offer that starts from the e-commerce site of the brand to move from on-season distribution to e-tailers and international marketplaces, and finally to manage the online stock,” said Alessandro Santamaria, managing director of digital and strategy at Giglio Group. “All this allows us to offer a 100 percent sell-through, also thanks to the strong expertise in terms of strategy and planning.”

By the end of 2019, Giglio Group plans to establish new agreements with other online platforms, both to consolidate the markets already manned (including the U.S., Russia, China and Australia), and to expand in emerging markets such as Latin America, India, the United Arab Emirates and Canada.

“A brand that relies on us, today, can be connected to all the major online sales platforms in the world, strategically in relation to its target and sales objectives,” said Alessandro Giglio, president and chief executive officer of Giglio Group. “E-commerce has been steadily growing since 2010 by at least 6 percent per year and will further accelerate growth in the coming years.”

Alessandro Giglio, CEO of Giglio Group.

Alessandro Giglio, CEO of Giglio Group.  Courtesy image.

Giglio Group has been strategically investing on the Chinese market, given that it represents about 83 percent of global e-commerce sales, according to eMarketer. Today, the company is in a position to develop, from its Shanghai hub, an e-commerce site specially designed for the local market, as well as to create a brand’s “shop-in-shop” on the main Chinese marketplaces.

Likewise, tapping on its media company origins, the group has introduced a blend of traditional media and online sales platforms, combining TV, digital and T-commerce on WeChat, through which it is capable of transforming video content transmitted on the web and mobile into a purchase via the direct scanning of a QR code.

Founded by Alessandro Giglio in 2003 with headquarters in Milan and offices in New York, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Rome, Lugano and Genoa, Giglio Group is listed on the Milan Stock Exchange on the STAR market. After the announcement on Tuesday, shares rose 6 percent and by mid-morning on Wednesday, shares were up 1.1 percent to 3.64 euros.

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